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How Early is too Early to put out Christmas Decorations?

Every year, around the time Halloween decorations are put out in stores I’m surprised to see Christmas decorations among them. I’m not sure why it always surprises me because they literally do it EVERY YEAR. I personally find it weird and it confusing. I’m not sure which holiday I should be preparing myself for. Not only that but it definitely takes away my Halloween spirit. Everyone should be coming up with costume ideas and trying to portray themselves as scary. It’s hard to do that when people are skipping ahead two holidays and getting excited about something that is two months away. Halloween doesn’t have the worst of it though.

I believe the holiday that gets the most neglected due to Christmas preparations is Thanksgiving. The simple fact alone that the day of Thanksgiving is dedicated to Black Friday shopping speaks for itself. People spend most of their time on Thanksgiving preparing to head out and buy gifts that they forget about the spirit of the holiday. It’s supposed to be a time to spend with your family and stuff your face but big corporations such as Walmart and Bestbuy have turned around the whole meaning. Also, if you think shopping for Halloween decorations is Christmas biased you should consider Thanksgiving. It’s safe to say that the entire month of November is based around preparing for the holiday. December is a repeat of November but blown ten times more out of proportion.

People seem to be unaware of this problem because, how couldn’t you love Christmas? It’s a time for gift giving and time off. People finally get to spend time with their families and receive Christmas bonuses. Although there are many reasons that Christmas is “the greatest time of year” I think it’s important that people don’t forget about the other holidays. They’re important decorations