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Hidden by Helen Frost ****

Hidden by Helen Frost is a beautiful story based on two little girls (Darra and Wren) from two different worlds. Different colors, different live, yet on the same path to discovering a most unlikely friendship. Darra is from a family that is struggling in life and the only way they can stay on their feet is by committing criminal acts.

Also, within their family, her mom and dad argue a lot and sometimes that anger would lead up to him beating both mother and daughter. Wren is from a perfect family where everyone loves each other to the bottom of their hearts. Her dad has his own business, and because of that they don’t have to worry very much about bills and Wren has lots of kind, outgoing friends while Darra doesn’t mention having any friends until she meets Wren.

This book caught my attention in less than three pages into the book. In the beginning of the story Darra’s father shot a gun in the store Wren’s mother was in, while Wren was in the car waiting for her mother to come out, leaving the reader with the question of who got shot in the store. After shots were fired, the criminal (Darra’s dad, West) ran to a nearby vehicle and drives away. The vehicle that West stole was the same car that Wren was in. Wren hid in the car until west arrived to his house, and parked it in his garage. Wren had to find a way for her to escape to home without being caught by West.

I think what the author was trying to say, no matter how different two people are, they can overcome their differences build a strong friendship with a strong foundation. What I enjoyed about this book was the excitement in the beginning of the story, were Wren was trapped in the garage and had to escape. When i read this book for the first time I was really surprised by how quick the book reeled me in. This is the type of that help non-reader become readers.

This book is for people who like to read free-verse novels, and as well as people who enjoy reading books about friendship. If you’re not a good reader I highly suggest this book to your future reading list because this is the type of book that you can finish in less than two weeks depending on your reading level. If you don’t like to read, this is the book for you.

Megan Hughes is in her third year as publications adviser at Park Hill South High School. She currently advises the View newsmagazine, South Paw yearbook and LitMag.