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Get’cha Head In The Game

“Gotta, get’cha, get’cha, get’cha head in the game,” are famous words sung by Troy Bolton in “High School Musical.”

Focus, determination, and preparation go into how well you perform on the court, field, or course. Hours and hours of practice go into one game, tournament, or performance. Every athlete has a different routine of preparation in order to succeed.

To physically prepare for games, most athletes have similar routines, consisting of warming up with their team.

Jordan Bell, Senior, is a linebacker as well as a football captain.

He said, “Before a game, I just like to relax, and then our team warms up together.”

Miranda Steczak, junior, plays golf and twirls.

“For Baton, I will go through my routine” said Steczak. “I usually improv my routines, so before I will come up with what I am doing, and practice that,”

For golf, the girls will hit together to warm up, and just talk about life beforehand.

In addition to physical preparations, athletes must mentally prepare for games.

“To mentally prepare, I clear out my mind,” said Bell. “I need to be free and focused.”

“For baton, I just think about what I am doing and focus, I also need to not worry,” said Steczak.

Before volleyball games, Maddie Murphy, sophomore, said her coach tells them to mentally prepare and gives them time to do so. The football team will eat lunch together and hang out. The girls basketball team pumps each other up and will give a pep talk.

After games, girls basketball will chant if they win, and talk about the game. Football will talk about the game on the way home, and watch tape on Saturday mornings.

In terms of superstitions, Mike Sharp, football coach and business teacher, has one. Bell said that since he started growing out his beard, they haven’t lost a game, so he isn’t shaving until they lose a game.

Steczak’s superstition also has to do with appearance.

“If I start taking off/ putting on layers while playing, I start to do worse. One of my teammates pointed that out to me once. Therefore, sometimes I will either be really cold or really hot while playing,” she said.

Though we all don’t get to be Troy Bolton, preparation is very important in order to perform well, and each athlete has a different routine to accomplish their goal.