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First College Football Playoff Rankings

ohio stThe first College Football Playoff rankings were released Tuesday night. There were many surprises, Alabama back into playoff position at the number four spot. The rankings left both Baylor and TCU out of the top ten, numbers six and eight respectively.

Harrison Feaster, soph., said, “I think that the committee generally does a good job, but I think it was a poor decision to put TCU where they are now considering their perfect 8-0 record.”

Currently there are two one-loss teams ahead of TCU (Alabama and Notre Dame).

“I think they need to give credit where it’s due, and there shouldn’t be any one-loss teams ahead of the unbeatens,” said Feaster.

Another Big 12 team that was left out of of the top five is the Baylor Bears. They are also an unbeaten team, but are not in the top five because of the lack of strength of schedule before conference play.

Feaster said, “Baylor should be ranked one spot ahead of TCU. Even though I think TCU is better, Baylor has shown more dominance week to week.”

Ohio State, despite being another unbeaten team, dropped number three in the polls. After a disappointing start to the season, not beating teams as bad as they should’ve, Ohio State has blown out their last two opponents by a combined total of 63 points.
Billy Eggers, soph., said, “I think that Ohio State has played well this year and the rankings really don’t matter when it comes down to it anyways, not until the end of the year.”