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A Royal Snow Day?

royalsWe’ve all had our fair share of snow days over the years, but yesterday marked the first day of its kind; a Royals day.

“I was not expecting it, we were told by the superintendent of human resources that we would not be taking the day off and that he was not allowing any more personal days, so the chances were looking slim.” said Andrew Dale, English.

After some unwillingness, Park Hill School District decided to call off school for Tuesday, November 3 in order to let both students and teachers take part in the World Series celebration for the Kansas City Royals.

“I was very ecstatic, I never thought the school would actually let us take the day off, but I was going to go to the parade either way. I’m happy for the teachers who got to go.” said Emmanuel Amom, senior.

After the decision was released, the excitement throughout South was obvious. Students chanted, “Let’s go Royals!” through the halls during third block passing time, and took part in other rowdy activities.

“It was crazy, I was afraid to go in the senior hall because I didn’t want to get trampled.” said Kenzie Huff, sophomore.

Students and teachers were able to a experience this, possibly once in a lifetime, event. The parade took place downtown and the crowd included approximately 800,000 Royals fans!

The one and only downside of this day off is having to make it up in May. It works just like a snow day so we had to add an extra day on, making the final day May 26 for now. But don’t worry seniors, this won’t affect us. Go Royals!