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A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah *****

The book I read, A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah, was a truly amazing read! It is a book about a twelve year old boy who lived in Sierra Leone in a village with his family. He was a normal child, who lived a peaceful life, and didn’t have to worry about the terrors of war. Until one day, his village was attacked by rebels, forcing him to leave his village…..forever. He was split apart from his family, and was recruited by the military. The military recruited child soldiers to help fight the rebels that were raiding villages, killing people, and kidnapping children to fight for them. Ishmael was torn apart from his friends, family, and himself, he was forced to do the unthinkable to other people during the war. War isn’t pretty, it’s full of death, destruction, and terror.

It is not rare in Africa, and across the world for children to be fighting an adult’s war. There are over 300,000 child soldiers across the world! The author of the book, Ishmael Beah, was one of the child soldiers that had to witness death, destruction, and terror. In the book, Ishmael describes that he was forced to do terrible things to others, and was forced to kill.

I would recommend this book to anybody that wants to know the terrors of war, to anybody that want to learn, and to understand the cruelty of using children as a weapon of mass destruction.

Megan Hughes is in her third year as publications adviser at Park Hill South High School. She currently advises the View newsmagazine, South Paw yearbook and LitMag.