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3v3 Basketball Tournament

5929040018_435ddb1977_o (1)The first annual 3v3 basketball tournament will be held in the large gym during tutorial. This tournament is held by Student Council and it is single elimination tournament with a consolation bracket. The last two teams in the tournament will play a portion of the final game will play a portion of the final game in front of the school at the next assembly.

The tournament will consist of 4 games played during every tutorial (half court basketball). There will be 2 halves per game lasting 6 minutes each with a 2 minute half time. There will be a running clock with the exception of time outs.

“We’ve had a pretty good turn out up to this point as far as sign ups have gone. We have a lot of people signed up and it should be a fun tournament,” says Kate Eischens, sophomore student council member.

Each team entering the tournament must have a minimum of three players. Each team is required to play in the same/similar colored shirts. Standard MSHSAA basketball rules will be applied to all games. All of the referee calls will be final once they are made.

Matthew Dieleman, junior student council member, says, “I think the tournament will go well and I can’t wait to see the two winning teams play in front of the whole school at the next assembly.”

Overall, the first annual 3v3 basketball tournament has started up and it seems to have interested a lot of students around South.