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Winning on and off the Courts

South’s tennis team placed fifth in state and Stephanie Boulenger made it to the top 12 at State.

South’s girls tennis team was able to make it further in the season than ever before, all while becoming one of the closest teams South has had in years.

The girls had one of the best seasons they have ever had.  As a team, they only lost a few matches finishing the regular season with a record of 14-3.

Cydney Wuebben, junior, said, “We went very far. We went way farther than we expected to.”

Not only did they go farther than any South team has gone in years, but they also had one of the closest teams.  Being so close helped them while playing.

Suzanne Brown, junior, said, “ We actually had a lot of team bonding this year and we beat some teams we did not beat last year or the year before.”

Brown said they became really good at communicating with each other which helped them become closer, practice hard, and win matches.  These were some of the reasons they were able to do so well as a team.

Wuebben said, “We got fifth in State and I honestly believe that’s because we were so close.”

Winning fifth in State was not the only achievement the team had. Stephanie Boulenger, senior, made it to state in singles. Boulenger is a foreign exchange student from Belgium so it was her first year playing on South’s team.

Boulenger said, “I loved playing on the team. Now it’s like a big family for me.  I mean, I got to know such nice girls and even the coaches were so nice to me.”

Boulenger said in Belgium they don’t have high school sports and they play on clay courts instead of hard courts.  Despite the differences, Boulenger was able to contribute to the team and make it to State.

Boulenger didn’t make the trip to State alone.  With her were the teammates who had supported each other the whole season.

Wuebben said, “ The entire team went to support her.  It was like a whole weekend of team bonding.”

Boulenger ended up placing in the top 12 of the State.  

“I had a lot of fun. Even if I lost, I won like one match and I lost two matches, I still had a lot of fun and I learned a lot,” said Boulenger.

This was a season that will never be forgotten and a team that will always be close.