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The Ones in the Background

There is one thing South takes for granted, and that is the people in the background. The people we forget to often thank for their time spent, their ideas used and their every effort to bring the school community together.

STUCO have been working around the clock, behind every school event non-stop, even during summer vacation they had already started planning the Homecoming Dance for Oct. 3. With over 60 students involved, how do they keep the dance plan organized?

“This summer we had the STUCO retreat, which was a lock in, that was really fun because it was like the first time I got to meet a lot of the council. So we got to plan the Homecoming theme,” said Grace Atchison, freshman.

For those who did volunteer to help out with the Homecoming dance had a lot of work ahead of them. On the day of the dance they were at school from 9 a.m. to 12 a.m. setting up. Muna Osman, freshman, said that they used every minute they had.

“I think it would be fun to do a masquerade kind of theme with like masks and stuff, I think it’s so cool,” said Osman.

On the day of the Homecoming parade, the council reacted to the event in different ways.

“Um, I don’t know. I liked the whole thing, especially the day of the parade, I was at the parade four and a half hours before the actual parade part, standing in the middle of the road directing traffic,” said Maya Yildirim, freshman.

Every STUCO member involved had a different job volunteering. Some directed traffic, while others were in check-in or in charge of music.

“ A lot of people didn’t stop when we asked them to stop. They would keep driving in the direction we told them not to drive in, because they were mad at us for stopping them,” said Yildirim.

According to Maya however, it gets worse.

“The person that was working with me, Emmy and she one time was standing right in the middle of the road and one lady was coming up like 40 mph straight at her, and Emmy jumped out like last second so she could talk to her, but the lady just kept going. So Emmy could have died that day,” said Yildirim

Bethany Conley, freshman was in charge of the music that was blasted as the floats drove by. She said that the whole plan of the parade was finally finished a few days before the event.

“Did you see a long line of cars waiting to come in? That was my fault.. kind of. I was stopping all the cars asking them where they needed to go, and all the band kids got mad at me apparently, because they already knew where they had to go,” said Yildirim.

Now STUCO is moving on to their next series of events, where they will be again working behind the scenes, making things happen.