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The Memory Keepers Daughter ****

I thought this book was really good. It was really well written. It also had a really good story line to it. I like how the author set it up with the point of view changing every few chapters back and forth between characters. The author also used a very wide variety of word choice.

I would recommend this book to people who like realistic fiction. Also if you like a more challenging read it will provide that too. It gives real life problems that people can relate to today. One of the characters that you see grows up with Down’s syndrome so if that something that interests you, you could try this book.

The book taught me that you don’t really see someones story just by looking at it. It also shows you that everyone has secrets no matter how big or small. There were other ones like you can always overcome challenges no matter how hard they may seem and sometimes you have to do what’s right even if others don’t support you. Always live your life to the biggest potential. Finally, not everything is meant to be sometimes you just have to let it go.

My favorite character was Phoebe. She was born with Down’s syndrome. She doesn’t let that stop her and overcomes all obstacles. She goes to school, learns like everyone else, knows love, and has a job. She immediately accepts her brother when they finally meet. She also accepts everyone and everything for who they are.

The Father’s secret would be the alternative title that I would give this book. The whole book revolves around the secret that David, the father, gave away their daughter who was born with Down’s syndrome. That’s why I would give this book that title.

Megan Hughes is in her third year as publications adviser at Park Hill South High School. She currently advises the View newsmagazine, South Paw yearbook and LitMag.