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The Epic Face Off of Marvel and D.C.!

How marvel and D.C. Movies Compare.

The Avengers, or Justice League? Superman, or Captain America? Iron Man, or Batman? All of these people seem like polar opposites, but what do they have in common? They all protect the innocent and look good doing it.
Marvel and D.C. Comics have been producing superheroes since the 1930’s, but movies of the superheroes weren’t made until the 1950’s. A good superhero movie is made up of interesting characters that people see develop, a unique plot, intense action scenes and special effects, lots of special effects. The question is, which companies’ movies are better?
Senior Tate Summa said, “The movies compare well, they both have solid movies. It’s hard to choose which (company) is better because they have solid backgrounds and characters on both sides.”
When people see multiple movies in a series they want to see a solid background in a character. Marvel and D.C. have made solid characters through the Avengers and Batman.
Summa said, “The writers have lots of writing skills to create a solid character and stick to that character through all the movies made for them.”
Other people have similar opinions.
Sophomore Shane McCullough said, “Marvel gives good, decent backstories and story-lines, while D.C. has great backgrounds but repetitive story lines.
A loud BOOM, then a fiery plume of smoke come out of a building that a man is walking away from, without looking back. Shivers course through millions of people because of what they’ve just seen. Then, they watch in awe as the rest of the story plays on the screen.
Some of the best parts in the movies are the action scenes. They help show how powerful the superheroes are while they save the day.
Action scenes in the two companies are different.
Sophomore Madeleine Green said, “D.C. has better fight scenes and kung fu. But Marvel has better explosions.”
While fighting is great, a truly awe-inspiring superhero movie has to have a decent plot.
In the past the typical plot of, ‘someone gets superpowers, learns how to use them to defeat the bad guy, then ends up getting the girl,’ has been a great popcorn movie. But audiences are changing. The plot needs to change as well, hopefully, the company writers can keep up.
Megan Day, a freshman from Liberty North said, “I like the plots where there’s a bad guy but taking him down isn’t the most important part. I like when the climax of the movie is reflecting the superheroes personality and puts them in situations where their choice could kill them. Such as Iron Man taking the bomb into space right before the portal closes in “The Avengers.”
When people see Superman fly, or Star Lord almost blow up in the “Guardians of the Galaxy” they’re watching special effects.
Chinese delivery guy, and Superhero fanatic, Ryan Sheets said, “In movies like “Man of Steel” or “Hulk,” the superheroes looked realistic and cool while they fly, or turn into a green monster. They don’t look cartoonish or dumb like the old movies do.”
But some people don’t agree with his statement.
Day said, “The special effects seem more fake in D.C. like in “Green Lantern” all of the Aliens look CGI.”
When people view the Marvel and D.C. websites they can see a whole bunch of new Marvel movies coming out. D.C. has a few movies coming out as well.
Marvel is going to release “Captain America Civil War” is on May 6, 2016 and “Guardians of the Galaxy 2” will be opened to the public on May 5, 2017. A new D.C. movie coming out is “Batman v. Superman Dawn of Justice” coming to theaters March 25, 2016.
The Avengers, or Justice League? Superman, or Batman? Batman, or Iron Man? It doesn’t matter which company a person chooses. They know they are going to get a fantastic, jaw-dropping and action packed movie, with superheroes that protect the innocent and look good doing it.