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Please Ignore Vera Dietz *****

My favorite parts of the book were the chapters based on the Pagoda’s point of view, for example, on page 206 the pagoda states, “Do you have any idea how old watching idiot kids drink and do drugs up here on the rocks is getting? The funniest part is, they all think they’re more cool than their parents were, and their parents did the same crap. Also- tossing beer cans? That’s a $300 fine. You’re lucky I’m an inanimate object.” Earlier in the book, on page 28 the Pagoda mentions, “Technically flying paper airplanes from here is littering. Littering brings a $300 fine, even if you use it as a metaphor for finding yourself. And who are you calling a monstrosity? Please. You should have seen this mountain when the quarrymen finished with it in 1905. It was like a pile of shale s*#$. Seriously- you don’t know the meaning of eyesore.”

I would recommend this book to either Kristen or maybe Aidan Lueth because I believe they’ll love the book because there’s drama, romance, humor, and a mystery. The readers who will absolutely fall in love with Please Ignore Vera Dietz are the ones who love mysteries all the while also loving drama, a little bit of romance, and humor.

The book taught me even though you may not have out with your best friend every day you’ll still love them, if it’s a boy and girl being best friends they’ll fall in love with each other, if the relationship is two girls then they’ll love each other as sisters, and if it’s two boys then they’ll love each other as brothers/have a bromance. The book also taught me that even though someone may change drastically, whether it be attitude or personality, they’ll always be part of your life because it’s the past, I know the Lion King may say otherwise but you have to accept the fact that you may still love them whether it’s as a friend, sister, brother, or boyfriend/girlfriend.

My favorite character was Vera because in the end she got over her past, her parent’s past (specifically her mom’s because she was a stripper), and she accepted herself as who she is. She may not have loved the fact that her mother was a stripper or her father was an alcoholic but she realized that she couldn’t change the past and her mother would always be an ex-stripper and her father would always be a recovering alcoholic.

What Really Happened to My Dead Best Friend would be my alternative title of choice because throughout the whole book the author describes the changes in Vera and Charlie’s relationship, for example at the beginning of the book Vera says she hates Charlie because he’s dead, but she still loves him. Some of the chapters even say, “History– Age Fourteen” or “History I’d Rather Forget– Age Seventeen” and he displayed what life for Vera and Charlie was like in that time period, from Vera’s point of view, anyway.

Megan Hughes is in her third year as publications adviser at Park Hill South High School. She currently advises the View newsmagazine, South Paw yearbook and LitMag.