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How is it living with this?

How does it feel? How does it really feel? Going through day to day feeling like this? The negativity swarming you with nothing to pull you you back into reality.

How does it really feel to think you’re worth absolutely nothing, non valuable to the world or anything nor anyone?

This, this here is how living everyday with depression truly feels.

The numbness, the negativity. All play big roles into this factor. Both everything,and everyone, reflects off why you aren’t worth it.

“Nothing seems worth it, nothing seems valuable enough to live for,” King, Sophomore says.

It is all your fault, every simple mistake that you may be connected too, makes it feel like it’s fully your fault. Why are you here? You don’t know….day by day feels worse as you ponder the thought of why you’re still even alive. Is it all worth it? No, you feel it isn’t….You try everything in your will to not give up.

Counselor visit after visit seems to never play a valuable part in this healing. Nothing will ever help, you don’t want anything to do with life itself, and this is the twist it takes on your life.

However, recovery can be reached,many people have done so.

King, sophomore, says,”I think everything just seems bolder, better, and happier in general in your everyday life.”

Also mentioning  that the energy and motivation you have during recovery is,”One of my most proud achievements.”

Making this extremely difficult to maintain your self in front of others.

King believes,”Before you’re fully better, it’s so hard to explain to people how horrific the pain is.”

Unfortunately, some have lost loved ones from depression which sometimes may result in suicidal thoughts, but at the worst, suicide itself.

Alyssa Mather, freshman in college, says the most difficult part of seeing a loved one go because of depression is wondering, “What I could’ve done more to help. If there was anything in the world I could’ve offered to my best friend, it would be anything to see her out of this state of pain.”

Seeing and helping ones who struggle with depression is one of her main goals today, as she is currently planning to major in psychology.

The main problem in society today with this topic is how seriously people don’t tend take it.

“It is most definitely not something to be taken lightly,” Mather says.

Tess Burroughs says,”I think really people just don’t get what sort of fragile state you’re living in, you can break down so easily.”

Burroughs also talks about what helps her the most when battling these thoughts.

She says,”Thinking the best outcome that could turn out of the bad situations. It is incredibly hard, but once you push through it truly helps.”

“An awfully painful feeling to be living like this. Depression is most definitely not something positive,” King says.