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Homecoming, Awkward or Awesome?

It’s your first high school dance. You started getting ready at 1:30 p.m., spent two hours talking to yourself in the mirror, stressing about all the responsibility you have. Will this dance meet the expectations?

Three years later, you’re late to pictures, just out the shower 15 minutes ago. You’re going to meet your best friends for some funny pictures and then go jam at the dance. This night will be worry free for you.

According to seniors Tate Summa and Julia Ponko, your last high school Homecoming is very laid back and easygoing. Freshmen Emma Beuerlein and Carson Lindsey said that a few things were stressful while planning.

“Asking was pretty hard. I didn’t want a corny punchline. I also didn’t want to be awkward.” said Lindsey.

Carson went with a freshmen group of seven other couples. Many people don’t go with dates.

“[Homecoming] was really fun. I loved just getting to spend it with all my friends,” said Ponko.

Ponko said that many of the Senior groups consisted of some couples and some friends. She says she went to hangout and dance with her friends.

“It turned out really well actually. It was nice because there wasn’t any pressure to act a certain way or look a certain way, I was just a lot more comfortable,” said Ponko.

On the other hand, Beuerlein said that most freshmen went with a date or didn’t go at all.

“[Going with a date] was fun I guess. I think it would be more fun if we didn’t. Because then you wouldn’t have the stress,” said Beuerlein.

Stress is a word that pops out frequently throughout the night.

“Trying to figure out transportation and where we are gonna eat was stressful,” said Beuerlein.

The Seniors didn’t have the same problems.

“We’re just going and we’re gonna be like hey we look cute and we’re single, yeah!” said Ponko.

Freshmen year, the standards are set for the first timers. They say the night should live up to the expectations.

“It better be a rager, ” said Lindsey. “Not really, I just hope it’s better than seventh & eighth grade dances. Actually dancing and stuff.”

Another topic of discussion is the Senior dancing versus Freshmen dancing.

“What really stinks is if you’re group is full of boring dancers or people that don’t dance at all,” said Summa.

Freshmen don’t get out on the dance floor like the seniors do.

“From what I’ve heard the dance isn’t really that fun,” said Beuerlein.

Some people don’t go to the dance simply because they have no date.

“Well, my freshman and sophomore year I didn’t go to Homecoming. I told everyone I didn’t want to go, but in reality I just didn’t have a date,” said Summa.

Homecoming is a night about having fun and dancing. Seniors have this mastered, being their fourth dance. Freshmen on the other hand, need to loosen up.