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Girls Tennis Road to State

South’s girls tennis team is one step away from state. That one step takes place this Saturday in Independence, Missouri in the form of sectionals.

Cydney Wuebben, a member of the tennis team, has high hopes for the rest of the season.

“Right now we are top sixteen in the state, I expect us to get at least top eight,” said Cydney Wuebben, Junior, “If we get top four then we will go to state.”

7 girls will travel to Independence in hopes of winning and qualifying for state, Wuebben believes this group is a special one.

“We are really close on and off the field and we are all close friends,” said Wuebben, “A belgian exchange student who is on the team teaches us different things about tennis that she learned in Belgium.”

This belgian exchange student is Stephanie Boulenger, she has qualified for the individual tennis state championships.

The Girls tennis team has already had a very successful season and they are hoping to continue the road to Springfield Missouri and qualify for State this weekend.