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Fright Night

Terrified screams come from the dark woods, hooded figures stalk through the night, and a line of South students wait anxiously at the top of the path. One by one groups of friends make the cautious walk through the forest and hold on to each other as all sorts of terrifying things leap out at them. Reaching the end of the trail, they exchange laughs, relieved that they survived the Haunted Trail.

The Haunted Trail is part of the STUCO event called Fright Night that was created by Morgan Greenfield, junior, and Daniel Miller, junior.

Although this is only the second year they have done the Haunted Trail at South, Greenfield and Miller have been making haunted trails in their neighborhood since fifth grade.

“We’ve always loved Halloween and we wanted to do a haunted trail in our backyard in fifth grade to raise money for the Parkville Animal Shelter. That was our original intention and we just thought it would be fun to scare people in our backyard.” said Greenfield.

After the success of their first trail they continued having them in their backyard for two more years. In eighth and ninth grade they created a Haunted Snack Shack at Old Pike Country Club. Last year they came up with the idea for the Haunted Trail at South while thinking of new events to do for STUCO.

Miller said, “We thought it would be cool to do one here on a high school level to fundraise.”

They asked STUCO members to volunteer to be in the Haunted Trail and many members had a lot of fun being able to scare other students.

Mariah Martin, junior, was one of the volunteers at last year’s Haunted Trail. Her character was a little girl in a white dress carrying a doll. She would walk around screaming and singing at the beginning of the path.

Martin said, “ I didn’t know really know that I could be that scary.”

Martin said that she is looking forward to being in the trail again this year and it is one of her favorite things to do in October.

Kallen Mazeitis, junior went to Fright Night last year and said she really enjoyed going through the trail and seeing all the attractions at the beginning of the trail.

Mazeitis said, “I think that STUCO did a really good job of coming up with creative ways to scare people. I thought it was really well thought out.”

Although Fright Night is in October the planning for it begins months before.

Miller said the logistics take a couple months to figure out and they have to spend a few full days setting up the trail the weekend before.

This year they are planning on changing a few things to make the trail even scarier.

Miller said, “ We are changing the theme so the trail will be different from last year and will have different scenes. We are going to try to make it more scary and go along with the theme better than last year.”

Greenfield said that there was going to be more things to do while waiting in line and the decorations were also going to be a little different.

For the families that don’t want to be as scared, they offer the Pumpkin Trail that is during the day. Younger kids are able to walk through the trail without any of the scarers in it. There are also friendly witches handing out candy and reading Halloween stories.

Greenfield said, “ A lot of the parents and little kids really enjoyed it and it was something they were able to do that was spooky but wasn’t too scary for them.”

This year Fright Night is on Oct. 17 and Greenfield and Miller are expecting more students and families to attend. Any students brave enough to make the terrifying trek into the woods are encouraged to come and see if they can survive Fright Night.