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Freshman Football Season Comes to an End

The freshman football team’s season has come to an end, finishing the season 2-6. Some players went up to JV, others’ season was done. Some players were devastated, others happy.

The freshman football team lost its final game 6-35 to Staley. The Freshman team finished the season 2-6, winning against William Chrisman and Platte County.  

Andrew Beldo, the freshman starting quarterback, said the season was very fun and he enjoyed playing with all his teammates.

Beldo said, “I wish the season didn’t end, this was a memory I won’t forget.”

In the Staley game, at half South was only down by six, but Staley came back and scored. The touchdown was a pass from Beldo to Anthony Bell. Bell, a wide receiver, had a very successful year, having the most catches and most touchdowns.

Bell said, “I have a big passion for football. I love the game and I always will.”

Now that the season is over, nine freshman have been “called up” to play with the JV team. Ayden Augspurg was one of the players who got to play with JV.

“It was a blast playing with the JV team,” Augspurg said.

He also enjoyed playing with the freshman team too.

Zach Nance, a lineman, was “in the middle” if he was happy or sad if the season was over. He said he was sad that the season was over and he doesn’t get to practice with his friends, but he’s happy that he gets home earlier and that he can hang with friends after school.

“This is one of the best years I’ve ever had and this is a great learning experience. I can’t wait until next year,” Nance said.