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Football Superstitions

Take off your bathing suits and sunglasses and put on your lucky pair of socks, summer is over, and now it is football season.


Most people that either play, or watch, or coach football on a regular basis have their own superstitions. Some of the football players here at South have their own techniques for good luck.


Everett Horton, a junior linebacker for the varsity Park Hill South football team said that before every game, he gets his ankles and wrists taped before every game, and says a prayer with the quarterback, Zach Suchanick, a junior.


“Some people say superstitions don’t work, because our record doesn’t really show it, but I think it helps us play a little more together, as a team,” he said.


Horton thinks that most of everyone on his team has their own superstitious routine.

Landon Beynon, a junior offensive lineman, gets tape on, and makes sure his braces are ready before every game, and be believes that it helps him play better as well. He also thinks that superstitions have helped his team win games before.


Jordan Bell, a senior running back has to have a Snickers before every game, or else he isn’t going to play the best he can. He has been doing it since seventh grade, and hasn’t stopped doing it once. He believes it does help him.


“That’s only because I’m crazy,” Bell said. “I think that we are already a good team.”
With even the coach participating with a lucky beard, and a lucky shirt, the whole team has an overwhelming amount of spirit, which isn’t a bad thing at all.