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Fall Activites

Autumn is finally here, and even though we are just about two weeks into it, people are already planning how they’re going to spend it. People love fall for lots of different reasons. Whether it be the leaves falling, the weather changing or seeing on pumpkin on every doorstep, everyone has their way of appreciating the soothing change of the year.

Many South students have a variety of different hobbies for the colder season, one of them being simply enjoying the weather.

“I like a nice starlit night with leaves trickling down and the sound of crisp, dead leaves under my feet,” said Matthew Kissinger, freshman

Kissinger says that he likes to do volunteer work at various haunted houses and zombie walks, with his friend Noelle Alviz-Gransee, freshman.

He claims he is very festive around Halloween, he said that he goes “all out” while decorating his house.

Alviz-Gransee said, “My favorite transition is kind of like when the leaves are already turning red, but it’s still warm from the summer a little bit, but you feel the coolness from the autumn, it’s just that the transition is amazing and beautiful.”

Her favorite fall activity is getting coffee and talking walks around Parkville.

Maggie Clausen, freshman said her favorite fall activity is soccer, because she is a soccer player and loves to run.

She said she gets festive for fall by, “Starting to wear Uggs like every other white girl does.”

Clausen’s favorite fall weather is around 80 degrees, not too hot or too cold for her. She enjoys her fall by going to the Pumpkin Patch and Corn Mazes with friends.

Julia Vap, a freshman JV cheerleader said that her favorite activities are anything fall related, like haunted houses, pumpkin patches, corn mazes and the haunt at Worlds of Fun.

Fall is her favorite time of the year, and she loves it when the weather is cold and rainy.

“I like any excuse to stay inside,” she said.

Muna Osman, a freshman STUCO member said what she likes about fall is picking out pumpkins with her little cousins.

“It’s fun for them, and it’s fun for me,” she said.

Bethany Conley, another freshman STUCO member said that she really enjoys football during fall, and she thinks the Renaissance Fair would be a fun activity, along with pumpkin picking.

Although people had different ideas of ways to spend their fall, autumn will always be a time where friends and family come together and enjoy the festive season.