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College Fair

On Monday September, 28 junior AVID students went to the college fair. There was over 100 college there, most of them were around here and there was one college from London.


“I liked seeing all the different colleges that were available to go to, and to see what they offer.” said Mia Hacket , Junior


The colleges handed you pamphlets and then told you about the major you were interested in.


“I got to learn a lot of information from so many colleges.” said Jackson Carrizzo, Junior


Hackett wanted to stay closer to home for college but all the colleges she looked at and was interested in was a few hours away from home.


“Wichita State because their great out of state tuition discounts they could offer for great students.” said Carrizzo
Both Hackett and Carrizzo had a great time at the college fair and exploring all the differnt colleges.