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Chance Raps, Kansas City Style

On-the-rise hip hop performer Chance the Rapper will be playing at the Midland in Kansas City on October 14th. Chance will be accompanied by fellow rappers, Towkio and D.R.A.M., along with Atlanta based producer, Metro Boomin.

If you’ve never heard of Chance the Rapper, you have probably heard one of his songs at some point. A few songs that helped him break into the limelight (that will also likely be played at his show) are Chainsmoker, Cocoa Butter Kisses, and Nostalgia.

“I just got my tickets the other day. I’m really looking forward to going, I’ve heard that chance is a really good live performer. I haven’t heard a lot about the guys touring with him, but I’m sure they will be good too.” said sophomore, Michaela Santana.

Though Chance will be the main event, his support crew are not a bunch of nobodies. Metro Boomin was the producer on tracks such as Tuesday, I Won, and Jump out the Face. I am not 100 percent sure how a producer can perform live, but I am sure that he won’t disappoint.

Towkio is someone that most people have never heard of. He has collaborated with Chance on a few songs, that have been his biggest hits. His song Heaven Only Knows (which features Chance) has over 20 million views on Soundcloud. This song will surely be played on Wednesday.

D.R.A.M. is the least known of the performers. He has featured in a few semi big songs, but he is known to be a great live performer so that is something to look forward to.

“Yeah I haven’t heard of D.R.A.M. but I’ve heard of everyone else. I wish I could go but I didn’t want to go to a late-night concert and have school the next day.” said senior, Tanner Owen.

All who are going are in for a great experience. The midland is a great venue, and with that kind of talent on stage, you are sure for a good time.