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Boys Swim Through Conference

The South Swim Team will be going to varsity conference on Oct. 15. South has four teams in their conference and they are preparing highly for the win.

Many swimmers believe that they are confident in their strokes and will do well at conference. Although all the swimmers do participate, they swim different stroke styles.

Lewis Lundy said, “I swim the 500 free stroke and the 100 breast stroke. But my friend Jackson Garret, swims the 100 backstroke, and the 100 free stroke. I think I am pretty good at swimming and I am confident in my swimming skills.”

Though the swimmers are confident, they’re still on the lookout for other teams. But South’s rivals are always a problem.

“There are four teams at swim conference but Park Hill High School, our rivals, will be the only real competition we will have to worry about,” said Daniel Miller.

Some swimmers believe they must perform a routine before each time they swim or to warm up, and in the end will give them a better chance to win physiologically.

“I stretch and listen to the same song on replay 15 minutes before everyone else. And before I step on the block to get ready to swim, I purposely hyperventilate myself to pump up my heart rate so I am ready to swim,” said Ben Milburn.

No matter what South does, they are highly prepared and ready for whatever happens. The school has their back and they are ready to support the swimmers.