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52 and Counting

The past year our country has suffered over 52 tragedies in the form of school shootings. They occur in all different forms and leave everyone looking for an answer as to what caused such devastating events.

Out of the total amount of shootings 21 have been colleges/universities, 15 have been high schools, three middle schools, 10 elementary, and two preschools. This month so far there have been already five shooting compared to every other month having at least two. Since the Sandy Hook massacre there have been a total of 74 school attacks.

There have been 30 casualties so far with another 53 injured in result of these attacks. All attacks have been related to gun violence.

Massive controversy has been stirred over gun laws and gun violence throughout the nation. President Obama held a press conference after the October 1 shooting at Umpqua Community College addressing that we need to push congress for new gun laws and to help reduce the number of these attacks.