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Racist… or Nah?

Racist… or nah?

Park Hill South student disciplined.. has justice been served?


          There was a little bit of controversy over at Park Hill South when a student decided to express his opinion, in a little bit more of an oppressing way. Casey Ayers, senior, came to school on Thursday, August 20th with a confederate flag flying in the back of his truck. This sent a wave of shock throughout the school, the district, and even the city.

When KCTV 5 News addressed the student about his actions, his responses were short and sweet. He claimed, “I feel like everybody should have equal rights, I have colored friends.”

When the reporter brought up Ayers’ “racist” Facebook post, that was captioned with offensive words, he had no response.

He claims his friend Kyle Becker was suspended for flying the flag, but wonders why he was the only one being disciplined.

Dr. Dale Longenecker, principal at South, stated, “Anything that is going to be disruptive to our learning environment is simply not allowed.”

Becker was sentenced with out of school suspension.  As KCTV 5 states, the school can not legally confirm the suspension for that sole reason, which makes people think there was a little bit more behind Kyle’s case. Authorities of South also found a “beer bong” and a machete.

Wyatt Moore said, “Yeah, Kyle is one of my better friends, but I was not planning on being a part of the shenanigans and it definitely would not have been worth it, because he is going to miss out on school and a lot of important things, now.”

Many people have varying opinions on whether this was an act of racial discrimination or not, no Panther students will be pulling any stunts like this again.