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Jail for five days

Kentucky clerk Kim Davis was arrested for not signing same sex marriage license. Davis was in jail for five days before she got released.


Her religion states that she cannot sign the papers she doesn’t have any legal authority that says she can’t do her job. Davis also can’t get fired from her job because she was an elected clerk according to cnn. I don’t think she should of went to jail for not signing the papers but she should get in trouble because it’s her job and she’s not doing it.


  Davis is now in Oath Keepers Protection according to msnbc, which is reasonable since some people don’t agree with the decisions she has made. Here are some peoples opinions for, against and in the middle for the Davis situation.


The opinion for

Sen. Rand Paul, CNN said “I think is absurd to put someone in jail for exercising their religious liberty.”


The opinion against

Ohio Gov. John Kasich on abc’s “this week” said “she’s not running a church”


The opinion for in the middle

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker “it’s a balance that you’ve got to have in America between the laws that are out there, but ultimately ensuring the Constitution is upheld.”