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Expensive Homecoming Proposal

tate hc 2There are many ways to ask a girl to homecoming and most guys are trying to come up with the most creative ways to ask their special someone. Tate Summa, senior, went to an extreme to ask a girl to homecoming that costed him $240, but he says, “It was definitely worth it.”


On September 3rd, Summa printed off paper for two hours to post all over the school, asking a girl to homecoming.



Summa said, “I came to school at five p.m. and I printed off the paper until around seven. Then I started putting up the paper. I left the school around one a.m., so it took about two hours to print and five hours to put everything up.”

A lot of people around South were wondering why Summa did it in the first place.


“It’s my senior year so I might as well just go big,” said Summa, “but I partially regret it because it’s a lot of money I have to pay back, but I also don’t regret it because I got a lot of attention from South and a lot of people know who I am now.”


Summa got a lot of attention on his Twitter account when he sent out a tweet that captured the whole day in four pictures.


Summa said, “I got 13 retweets and 156 favorites on my tweet, and I also gained 75 followers. My name on Twitter is @TateSumma.”