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Chiefs Take Storm in Regular Season

The Kansas City Chiefs haven’t won a play-off game in over 20 years, but now in the 2015 regular season they are predicted to win their division and  if they can’t get past Denver, who seems to be a big challenge to them, they look to clinch a wildcard spot.


Most predictions have the Chiefs making the playoffs but have them in the wild card spot, losing both regular season games to the Denver Broncos. Most fans would disagree.


“Peyton Manning isn’t good anymore, the Chiefs defence will shut him down,” said Christian Holferty, sophomore.


Along with Max Ghasemi, sophomore, he said that the Chiefs will win 38-31, and Ghasemi added that Peyton Manning will have a bad game.


Sadly this was not true as Peyton Manning threw three touchdowns, had 236 yards and threw 26 complete passes out of 47. Also Peyton Manning surpassed 70,000 career yards. Denver went on to win the game 31-27 with a touchdown in the last minute because of a turnover caused by a fumble from Jamaal Charles.


Turnovers seemed to be the biggest problems for the Chiefs, as they had five overall turnovers. Definitely not a good game for the Chiefs and many put the blame on the head coach Andy Reid for running the ball with less than a minute to go, causing the turnover and overall the game.

But Chiefs fan Bret Vanice, sophomore, said, “ It wasn’t Andy Reid’s completely. He just put the players in positions to make plays and they couldn’t perform.”


Holferty disagrees with Vanice.


“He should’ve just took a knee, ran out the clock and won the game in overtime. I put the blame on him mostly,” he said.


Chiefs fans still have hope with bold predictions for the regular season, playoffs and even some say that they will go on to win the super bowl. But other non-Chiefs fans would disagree, like Antonio Ortiz, sophomore.


Ortiz said, “ The Chiefs quarterback is trash” and also adding “ Even if they make it to the playoffs, they will choke against the Colts like last year.”


Ortiz also gave a poor regular season prediction, saying that they will only win six games. Many fans still have hope, but other non-chiefs will still talk trash on the Chiefs giving them no hope.