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Chiefs Review and Look Ahead

The Kansas City Chiefs lost another tough game Monday night to the Green Bay Packers. The final score, 38-28, ended up closer than what the game felt like. The Chiefs were down 31-7 at one point in the third quarter, but fought back to get the game to 10. Aaron Rodgers had a field day vs the Chiefs secondary throwing for 333 yards and five touchdowns. He targeted Marcus Cooper and Tyvon Branch all night and was successful.

Andy Reid had some very questionable play calls in the first half. Lots of bubble screens to receivers and screen passes to Jamaal Charles out of the backfield. At half Alex Smith was a pitiful 2-7 for 39 yards. Alex Smith was rushed all night, being sacked a total of 7 times. Jamaal Charles had only 11 carries for 49 yards. He did have three touchdown runs on the night but those were all garbage time in the 3rd and 4th quarter.

Kaleb Cote, senior, shared his thoughts about the Chiefs game, “It was an expected loss, very disappointed by how they played in the first half. But the 4th quarter they looked like they had found something on the offensive side.”

The Chiefs will need to address the offensive line and the secondary if they want to have a chance against the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday. If Andy Reid can figure it out then I think the Chiefs will win the game 24-17.