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Chiefs Fall to Broncos in a Heartbreaking Final Two Minutes

It’s now, officially, football season. So why not kickoff the Chiefs 2015/2016 Campaign for the 50th Super Bowl by getting our hometown’s opinion on the team?


The Chiefs are off to a 1-1 start to their season, which many people would describe as “a to start of the season” as said by Alex Rodriguez, freshman. Rodriguez attended week 2 home game against the Denver Broncos and said it “was a waste of time.”


Many people were upset with the Chief’s second game after the chiefs lost off of a fumble returned for a touchdown with about 30 seconds left in the game.


“We got to be more careful with the ball,” Max Ghasemi, sophomore, said while discussing the two turnovers the Chiefs had in the red zone.


When it comes to predictions, Chiefs’ fans seem somewhat hopeful. Ghasemi said he expects the Chiefs to clinch a playoff spot, while Rodriguez said that the Broncos were going to clinch the AFC West, but the Chiefs still have a decent chance at a wildcard spot.


Both Ghasemi and Rodriguez have been Chiefs fans their whole life, and have varying opinions on their favorite player.

“I would have to say Jamaal Charles,” said Ghasemi, while Rodriguez said Justin Houston, the Chiefs’ fifth year linebacker.


After watching the first two games, the two fans were overall happy with their team’s performance.

“I actually think we’re looking really good,” Ghasemi said. “We have a strong defense, and our offense is looking good.”


A 1-1 record isn’t concerning historically, as three of the past four super bowl winners started their season out 1-1.

However, all of them went on to win their next game and be 2-1. So the Chief’s week three game on Monday night against the powerhouse Packers in Green Bay could be an important one.