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Assassin has taken Park Hill South by storm

Assassin a live action game where you must eliminate your target by soaking them with water.

You have to have official proof by video or in front of people or it doesn’t count. Also a player can’t be eliminated on school grounds, events and at work.

You must be a Junior or Senior to play assassin. To enter in the game you must pay a fee of two dollars. So the winner of the game will win the grand prize of all the money that was paid to play.

“This is not a game, this is real life, and I’m in it to win it,” said Carson Wells, senior.

This is the second time Assassin has been played at South. It was introduced by Max Laney, former South student.

You play assassin by receiving a target and eliminating them before you get a new one. Then keeps going till there is one person left standing.

When Grace Cunningham, junior, was asked if she would betray her best friend for the cash prize, she said obviously yes, then spend the money shopping with her best friend.

Some alliances will be formed in this game, even though they are discouraged.

Jake Springer, junior, mentioned his alliance, also known as the “brick squad” and he said that if he were to win he would use the money to invest in the “brick squad.”

There are many ways to soak your target with water.

“My weapon of choice will obviously be the super soaker,” said Madi Sanders, senior.

Assassin will take hard work and determination to win but the cash prize is what everyone is shooting for.