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How to: Last Minute April Fool’s day pranks.

Top 3 Simple Pranks:

  1. Plastic wrap over toilet Prank

What you’ll need: Saran wrap/ or plastic wrap.

Step 1: Lift up the toilet seat all of the way.

Step 2: Get a good piece of saran wrap and lay it over the toilet.

Step 3. Lay it tight enough on there (it should stay on its own).

Step 4. Put down the toilet seat.

When someone goes to use the toilet they will be sprayed or sitting in their own bodily fluids.


  1. Toothpaste Oreos Prank

What you’ll need: Toothpaste, and Oreos.

Step 1: Take out the filling of the oreos.

Step 2: Fill the oreos up with white toothpaste.

Step 3. Place the oreos back in their packaging.

When someone goes for an oreo they will be very disappointed.


3.Play- Doh Gum Prank

What you’ll need: Gum wrappers, and play-doh.

Step one: Get a play doh color similar to what the gum should look like.

Step two: Mold the play-doh into sticks of gum.

Step three: Take your empty gum wrappers and insert the play-doh sticks of gum into them.

Step four: Place the “sticks of gum” back into a pack of gum.

When someone asks for a piece of gum they will be in for a surprise.


Top 3  Mediocre Pranks:

  1. Flour Prank

What you’ll need: Flour, Hair dryer

Step 1: Take off the back part of the hair dryer where it sucks up all the air

Step 2: Put flour in that part.

Step 3: Attach the part back onto the hair dryer.

When the dryer gets turned on, flour will shoot out all over the person holding the dryer.

  1. Trash bag Prank

What you’ll need: A garbage bag, and scissors.

Step 1: Take the garbage bag and cut a hole in the bottom.

Step 2: Tie the bag like it is already full of trash.

Step 3: Go through the bottom of the garbage bag, sit down, and place yourself by a trash can.

Step 4: Wait for someone to take out the trash, and then pop up and scare them.


  1. Mashed potato Sundae Prank

What you’ll need: Mashed potatoes, glass bowl, sundae toppings, and a spoon.

Step 1: Take mashed potatoes and put them into your glass bowl.

Step 2: Put all of toppings you’d like as desired.

This is the perfect prank to pull on anyone who enjoys vanilla ice cream sundaes.

Top 3 Extreme Pranks:

  1. Selling Pot to cops prank

What you’ll need: Pots or pans.

Step 1: Have a bag full of pots.

Step 2: Go up to a cop and try to sell him your pot.

Depending on the cops reaction, is when you show the cop the pots and pans.


  1. Chopped off your finger prank

What you’ll need: A knife, ketchup packets, something to chop up (could be vegetables, fruit).

Step 1: Begin chopping the food like normal, but have a ketchup packet hidden in the hand that is holding the food.

Step 2: Fold one finger under your hand and squeeze the ketchup packet (this will make it look like you are bleeding).

Step 3: Scream bloody murder and yell “AHHHHHH MY FINGERRRRR ITS NOT ATTACHED ANYMORE,” or something along those lines.

This can look like a very gory incident,  good luck and have fun.


  1. Cutting off girls hair prank (can also work for a guy with very long hair)

What you’ll need: An extension similar to the person’s hair you are going to prank.

Step one: Walk behind someone …touch their hair, open the scissors, and act like you have just cut their hair.

Step 2: When the person turns around hold the extension in your hand so it is believable that you just cut their hair.

Eventually reassure that person that it is not indeed their hair, but keep the prank going for awhile.


I hope this helps you with your last minute April fool’s day pranking! Happy April Fools!