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The Perfect Prom

Fancy lights, Disco ball, the perfect date and a perfect dress to match. That’s what we think about when it comes prom, right? You would most likely think so, but if you want to get technical, and pull the definition out of the dictionary, you will find that prom is; “a formal dance, especially one held by a class in high school or college at the end of the year.” Also short for Promenade.

Prom isn’t just a technical term for a fancy dance. It’s something you wait for your high school life! It’s the next big step in becoming upper class! Which means… you’re a big kid!

Prom is usually held for juniors and seniors only, unless, you are an underclassman invited by an upperclassman, which I guess makes you cool. But, that is no invitation into the big kid club. You have to work your way up, but you just might get lucky. Like, Sophie Hardin, a junior, who attended prom her sophomore year when invited by a good friend who was a junior, and who she ran cross country with.

“It’s fun to go with friends, but I’m really excited to be able to go with someone who I like” Hardin said.

Being a sophomore and attending prom isn’t that big of a deal, but at the same time, it’s not really “your year” so being able to go early is a pretty cool thing to experience, but you might not get the same feel for it when you get to go your junior or senior year, but its PROM! It’s fun either way.

Prom is full of fun, and fairy tale, but also full of stress and frustration. For the ladies, finding the perfect dress will send us flying through a window, but for the guys it will most likely be dealing with their date, or the music selection. Watch out, they are not willing to deal with a bad DJ.

Aside from the stress, there are some things to look forward to as well. Logan Hollaway, Junior says he looks forward to the after parties and food. How touching. For Lauren Ludtke, Haley stegeman and Charlie McFarlane, juniors, say they look forward to getting dressed up and seeing their friends dressed up.

“The idea of Prom in general makes me really excited”. Said ludtke.

And indeed, the idea of prom is something to get excited about. Meredithe Hill and Sarah Petty, juniors & sophomore attendees of prom are full of that excitement. Prom is a time to go full out, and these girls give it all they’ve got. Usually getting ready for your typical homecoming or court warming dance only takes about an hour or two. But this prom.

“This is a whole day process” Hill says.

This is the year you’ve waited for. You have to make it count, but don’t forget to have fun. Don’t spend so much time stressing about how perfect you have to look. Yes, that’s all “important”, but don’t stress too much over it. This is supposed to be a night to remember, so spend it having fun.

“Don’t waste time over pictures, it will be a night to remember.” Hill says.

It may seem kind of lame to get so worked up over something you will only do twice if you choose to, but you don’t get the chance to get all dolled up that often. So when the chance comes,  go for it!

If you’re not so into the whole fancy dresses, long night dancing sort of thing, then this may not be for you, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider it. Max Guerra, and Daniel Nagok, juniors, say they will not be attending the dance because their friends aren’t either and their not so into the dancing scene. But if our friends went, they would too.

So, if you’re not going to Prom, then where else would you be?

For Guerra, he says “I will be in St. Louis for the Viva! La Berg show.”

Sounds like good way to spend your night.

Prom isn’t for everyone, and it may not be the old school movie fairy tale, but it will still be a night to remember. And if you do not plan to go, then get yourself in a car, grab some friends, and head to St. Louis for the Viva! La Berg show.

Either way, it will be the perfect night.