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Spring Breakers

Spring Break is a time to take a break from the hardships faced during school. Some people stay home to spring clean others leave the state on vacations whether you are skiing on the mountains, laying on the beach, or doing the dishes Spring Break is a time to enjoy.

Spring Break is a break where so many people are doing so many different things with their time off school. There are people who stay in Kansas City and then there are people who travel to get out of the ever changing weather of Missouri.

“Traveling for Spring Break has always been my favorite thing about the school year. I’ve never spent one spring break in Kansas City and my family plans to keep it that way,” Madison Murphy, freshman, said.

Murphy normally travels to Florida and said she is overly excited to go for her 16th time this break where she will be enjoying the sun and parasailing on the ocean for the first time.

Traveling to warm weather and beaches is some people’s idea of a successful Spring Break but there are some people who would rather spend their time on snowy mountains. Colorado is a popular spot it for people at South to travel to with their time off.

Turner Hall, sophomore is one of the many people from South traveling to Colorado over spring break. While he is there he will be snowboarding with the friends he is going with.

“This will be the fourth time I’m going to Colorado and I’m really looking forward to it. It’ll be the best Spring Break to date I hope,” Hall said. “I love the weather and being in the mountains but snowboarding is definitely the best part of being in Colorado.”

Spencer Denney, sophomore happens to also be going to Colorado over his 10 day break but he is also traveling to other places as well.

“I will be making the long haul drive to Atlanta for two days, then Monday I am driving to Hilton Head, SC. After that I’m flying back to Kansas City and then from there I am flying to Colorado for the rest of my Spring Break,” said Denney.

Denney said that he is mostly excited for traveling to Colorado to snowboard. Denney really has no idea what he would be doing in Missouri because he rarely stays in town for Spring Break.

Spring Breaks can be very relaxing like laying on the beach getting a tan or they can be active like snowboarding but some are just the right balance.

“In Arizona I will be sitting out in the sun watching the Royals baseball spring training. My family is really big baseball fans so we try and get tickets to spring training every year. It is fun because there isn’t any pressure to try and have a good time, it just comes naturally when you are cheering on your team and nice weather not having to worry about school or what is happening in Missouri,” Chandler Hedrick, sophomore said.

So whether you are cleaning or traveling, get prepared for Spring Break.