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South Meets the State Court

2015 will forever be a memorable year in Park Hill South History. South got the privilege in going to State in basketball where they placed 2nd in the state. However, this wasn’t even the coolest part of the season. Anyone that has watched any South basketball games this year knows that more went down on that court.

“We are a lot closer this year than last year. The basketball guys and I will hang out off the court where as last year I wouldn’t really talk to a lot of the guys. There is more of a family aspect,” says Ryan Welty, junior.

You can tell just  by watching these boys play, that they love each other on and off the court. They have each other’s backs and they can depend on one another. They also just genuinely love to play the game. They are a team that is easy to love and no one saw coming.

Coach Parra said, “No one even talked about us in the beginning of the year. I don’t think we were ranked anywhere. I think that fueled us. All year we have been talking about it and we just go about our business.”

Everyone loves a good underdog and that is exactly what South was this season. They flew under the radar and once we were put up against Chaminade everyone thought it was the end.

Chaminade was ranked number one in the State and has four of their five starters going to D1 schools next year. They came in confident and thought they would leave Columbia with a State title. However, they were missing one thing: teamwork.

They thought highly of their players as individuals but they didn’t work together. Teamwork makes the dream work. James Bryd, senior, said, “They weren’t playing team basketball and we were. That brought us together. We hit big shots and just stuck together.”

When it came to the State game against Blue Springs South, it could have gone either way. Allen Hyatt, senior, said, “We just changed the mentality of Park Hill South basketball. It was just an awesome year. We just came up a little bit short tonight. That’s all.”

Although we got second, this season couldn’t have been brighter for the South players. We rose to the occasion and showed people that South can be a threat. This isn’t the last time you will hear about South basketball, if they work together, they will continue to go far in upcoming years.