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sNOw Days

Snow picPark Hill School District has only had one snow day this year. The only snow day was on December 18, 2014.

Based on students tweets towards Park Hill Schools, the majority of students are frustrated about the lack of snow days.

Elle Eggers(senior) said, “It really sucks that we haven’t had many snow days this year, especially because I don’t have to make them up.”

Students were concerned for others.

Eggers also said, “I feel bad for the kids that have to stand outside and wait for the bus.”

Students expected a few cold days this year, that they did not get. Some kids went to extreme measures by sleeping with their pajamas inside out and with spoons under their pillow.

Ben Becker was asked, What he considers the perfect snow day? He said, “A nice powder, with a little wet. That makes the snowballs heavy so the inflict pain among the children. It’s a big stress reliever.”

Students were comparing Platte County School District to Park Hill School District, because their superintendent actually considered a cold day, when PHSD showed no interest in calling the day off. This angered some students and even parents.

Becker said, “I am very upset. Snow days help students focus because it gives them a break.”

Many others agree. People were asked if they wanted more snow days. Most of them said yes. Jack Beuerlein had a slightly different opinion.

Beuerlein said, “I like snow days, but I would rather be out in the summer.”

This winter was highly anticipated because lots of snowfall was expected. Many are left disappointed so far.

Students are happy when they get snow days, but by the time summer rolls around, they are ready for school to be out.