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Put Your Hands Up

policeIf someone charged at you with intent to hurt, what would you do?

Recently police brutality has been a main topic for discussion on the news and in peoples’ lives. It started with Trayvon Martin and escalated quickly through Michael Brown. This is a topic that can bring heated debates to anyones day.

Police brutality is not a subject you can walk down the street talking about. Twitter opinions have turned into twitter fights.

Turner Hall (10) said, “Police should be nice to everyday citizens, until the citizens give the police a reason for them not to be.”

There are also other opinions.

MJ Walker (9) said, “Someone will get hurt when nothing is happening.”

Students believe there needs to be a relationship with the police and the everyday citizens. The police should cooperate with citizens but if they get out of line then they should do there job. A policeman’s job is to protect, thats is all they are trying to do.

Hall said, “If everyone would cooperate, then there would be success between citizens and police. For some that is just too challenging.”

South students think that if people do what the police tell them to do, then there would be less acts of police brutality.

Hall also said, “If a policeman is feared for his life, and thinks from his knowledge from past experience, then he should do what he thinks is necessary.”

Some students don’t have much opinion towards the topic.

Avery Miller (12) said, “I don’t have enough research for an opinion but if a police officer is attacked and his life is at risk, then he should do what he/she has to do to protect themselves.”

South students think police should not be unfair, but should do what is necessary.

Miller said, “I have never dealt with a policeman/women that has posed a threat to me or anyone else. But I do think are some policeman out there that do. Lots of court cases show that.”

Most students have seen rude police officers but agree with the fact that they were just doing their job. If a suspect has their hands up and quickly turns around to grab something, then the officer should do what is they think is necessary in that situation.

There is a simulation machine that is like a police shooting. It is a 300 degree screen that simulates a real shooting. The machine is used to test police reaction times and help them make the right decision when the shootout is real.

Walker said, “Police brutality exists, it is just the way the world is today.”

Others disagree with Walker’s thoughts.

Hall said, “If I were a police officer and someone were to charge at me, or do something to attempt to harm me, then I would do what has to be done to protect my life. I think that is just what the other officers were doing with all the other recent police shootings.”