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Park Hill South Glow Dance

steve serranoMark the date March 27 on your calendar, for the second annual Park Hill South Glow Dance, with glow sticks galore, a bit too bright clothing, and people dancing the night away.

Last year was the first casual dance at Park Hill South, and the school has STUCO to thank.

“We saw other schools doing this so we wanted to try it out. We have also never had a casual dance before so it sounded fun,” said STUCO member, Madi Blinzler.

Being the first year, the STUCO members weren’t sure how the turnout would be.

“The glow dance went exactly as planned, it definitely surpassed expectations,” said STUCO member, Taylor Burdiss.

Others students agreed.

“Best dance ever! I was mind blown,” said Blinzler

Most of the seniors agree that they wish they could have gotten to enjoy the Glow Dance all four years of high school.

“I definitely wish we had the Glow Dance all four years, because it was the most fun that I’ve had at a school dance. There was so much energy, and a lot of dancing,” said Megan Broyles, senior.

The best part about the Glow Dance, is the apparel, according to the students who went last year. All you need is three things, neon, neon and neon.

“I showed up in a white shirt and jean shorts. It was the worst mistake ever,” said Kalie Jones, senior.

The planning for the Glow Dance has already begun. STUCO is going to be adding in some more neon to the decorations, and a couple of seniors might be the DJ’s.

“I am really excited to see this dance keep going on throughout the years,” said Burdiss.

The most liked dance is usually Homecoming or the Glow Dance.

“My favorite dance would have to be the Glow Dance, because it really brought the whole school together instead of people going to their own group of friends,” said Broyles.

Not everyone agreed.

“My favorite dance is probably prom because it’s not on school grounds, and it’s all upperclassmen. Also, nobody really went to courtwarming,” said Nichole Davis, Senior.

Most people recommend freshman, or anyone who has never been to the Glow Dance to go.

“They should go because it’s a lot of fun and you get to meet new people,” said Broyles.

The freshman STUCO members know quite a bit about it as well.

“Just dress really comfy, and go with a group of friends,” said Hailey Deeds, freshman.

They are very excited for everyone to see what they worked on for this years dance.

“If you thought homecoming and courtwarming were awesome, then you’re about to be glown away,” said Morgan Berry, freshman.

The students on the STUCO committee for the Glow Dance are just as excited.

Deeds said, “Be ready to pop, rock, jam and break to the lights of a crazy night.”