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Where are the Snow Days?

snow dayStudents are outraged at Park Hill South because the district will not cancel school. Most students think it is because our school district does not want to go over the number of “built in” school days.

Throughout the school people are saying how dangerous it is that the district has not been canceling school.

“The school doesn’t care about us,” said sophomore, Brooke Witherby.

Students have made up various reasons as to why the school district hasn’t been canceling. Many have started to question whether or not the school officials care about our wellbeing.

“The district has a bunch of liberals,” said sophomore, Scott Bennett.

Many students at Park Hill South drive to school and for most of them it is their first time driving in the snow. Also, a lot of students’ cars aren’t prepared for the snow. Multiple students said their cars either only had rear wheel drive or front wheel drive.

“Only the truck gang is prepared for the snow,” said junior, Andrew Troha.

Many students in the Park hill School District ride the bus; school officials don’t realize that there have been accidents were busses slide off roads in icy conditions. The district also needs to think about the temperature since many kids wait outside for up to 10 minutes waiting for their bus to come in the morning.

On Feb. 4 Parkville got snow while school was in session. Many student think the school should’ve been let out early. Thursday morning there was still snow on the roads and also ice which make for hazardous driving conditions.

“The roads were very bad and I almost died,” said Troha.

For now there are expected to be no more snow days.