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True Love’s Kiss

Kiss the SnakeThe students at the assembly Fri. chatted excitedly to see Mr. Kirk Henry kiss the snake. Dozens took out their phones to capture the moment. It was the Court Warming assembly. During that assembly was a new fundraiser called Kiss the Snake. Morgan Greenfield, part of STUCO, was kind enough to lend her snake.
During lunch, the students of Park Hill South could put money into the jar of the teacher they most wanted to kiss the snake.
“The snake was defanged of course,” STUCO member Bjorn Carlson said. He enthusiastically said that the fundraiser was more successful that he thought it would be.
“Overall, we raised $101 which was more than what we thought,” Nathan Jurries, also of STUCO, said that another fundraiser they had tried before was pushing a decorated toilet around.
Henry, who kissed the snake, thought it wouldn’t be him. He explained that he went to the lunchroom everyday to see how he was comparing to the other teachers. Every time he check he was last or close to last.
Then on the day of the assembly, some of his fourth block students gave him a heads up that someone had put a few extra dollars into his jar. That means that he was now in first place.
During the assembly Henry decided he’d kiss the snake behind the head to lower his chances of any scares. After he kissed it, it reared back and he decided he was done. He said he’d rather kiss a snake than eat steamed brussel sprouts.
Mallory Michel said that she put $.05 into the jar for Coach Jurgensmeyer. When asked how she would have felt if the snake had been fake, she said she would have been slightly disappointed. “If it’s not the real deal, why bother?”