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Super Bowl Predictions


Team Picks and Final Score Winning Team Actual Teams Actual Score Reason Picked Teams are not in Super Bowl
Allen Hyatt Seahawks vs. Patriots21-17 Seahawks Seahawksvs.


28-24Patriots over Seahawks Super BowlTeams
Olivia Kinsey Patriots vs. Cowboys27-31 Patriots Cowboys lost to Packers in the Playoffs
Cooper Saunders Seahawks vs. Packers27-28 Packers Packers lost to Seahawks in NFC Championship
Meredith Masters Colts vs. Packers     Panthers Both lost in conferencechampionship
Jacob Kline Patriots vs. Packers33-10 Packers Packers lost to Seahawks in NFCChampionship
Mitch Henderson Seahawks vs. Patriots27-30 Seahawks Super BowlTeams
Matt Coddington Raiders vs. Cubs9-3 “Cubs in the 10th” Raiders didn’t make the playoffs;Cubs struggle to make it into the MLB