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Our Senior Center

Ever since Allen Hyatt can remember, he has always played basketball. “I started before kindergarten, and the only reason I know that is because i’ve seen pictures. It’s been so long I dont even remember when I started.” Playing all those years has honed Hyatt’s skills and allowed him to become one of the more prominent athletes here at South.

Hyatt has played multiple sports throughout his life, but once high school started only one sport mattered: basketball. “Along with school basketball, I play on a club team during the offseason, and during the summer I have school practice. So it’s basically an all year thing for me.” Hyatt is a hybrid center/power forward, and has played varsity since his freshman year. Head coach Dan Parra can’t say enough about Hyatt’s offensive repertoire. Allen’s scoring ability really opens up the offense. He allows us to run the offense inside first, opening up our perimeter shooters”. Along with Hyatt’s scoring presence on the inside, he plays stellar defense, and is a force on the low block. Justin Weymuth, Senior, is one of Hyatt’s biggest fans. “My favorite thing to see at the basketball games is when Allen swats someone trying to drive on him.”

With Hyatt’s high school basketball career coming to an end, he’s beginning to look toward the future. “Once the season ends is when my college search starts. I have a few ideas of where I’d like to play, but right now South basketball is the only priority for me”.