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Flashback Friday – Scrubs

First airing in 2001, Scrubs (2001-2010), is a must watch comedy for anyone in love with the genre. With every episode leading into the next, Scrubs is a show with that can easily be watched in succession. Through the series two best friends work their way up the hospital’s ladder and learn life lesson. Each episode carries a theme/ life lesson along with it. For a comedy Scrubs can be looked at as a quirky romance. This is seen not only between its two main characters, Zach Braff as John ‘JD’ Dorian, and Donald Faison as Christopher Turk, but also through the rest of the characters. JD struggles to win the approval of his mentor, Dr. Cox, played by John McGinley, but at the end of the series you find that JD is recognized by Dr. Cox as the best doctor in the hospital.

Of the nine season the second to last season of Scrubs comes to a perfect close as all loose ends are tied. However, a ninth season is released and though it feels unnecessary as half the characters leave and the remaining become teachers for med school. It’s an enjoyable season, though it feels unneeded. There was complete closure from the eighth, so having a ninth is pointless.

All nine season are posted on Netflix, and it’s a good show that keeps the laughs going through every episode. Each character is unique and are all lovable. A heartfelt and heart-warming show anyone should watch when looking for a new series.