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3rd Annual Father Daughter Dance

This year will mark the third year that Park Hill South’s Student Council has put on the Father Daughter Dance.  This dance is open to kids in the Park Hill School District grades K-12.  With music, crafts, pictures and more, Park Hill South Student Council makes the event one to remember.


“Our DJ is super cool, he makes the dads do a group dance in front of the daughters.  There’s also a photographer named Andrea Moon who comes at no cost for the committee and fathers can buy their pictures directly from her,” Emma Ehlers, Senior.


Not only is there a photographer and DJ, but there is also activities like a lollipop tree game and frames for all the girls to decorate–in hopes they buy the pictures from the photographer.


Putting the dance together is a lot of work for student council that is usually all behind the scenes.


“We have to advocate for money, and ask for donations so we can have money for the decorations and cookies and lemonade.  We have to organize all the decorations so by the time we get to the dance, we can set up really quickly.  The hardest thing we have to do is contact all the elementary schools to make sure they know about the dance, because that’s where we get the most people,” Amanda Tillman, Senior.


Although it is a lot of work for Student Council, they say it is more than worth it.


“It’s a really good feeling when the dance is actually going on, and everyone’s having fun and coming together just as you wanted it to,” said Tillman.


Spending time with your kid is sometimes hard, especially if work or other responsibilities make the time you get to spend with them limited.

“My daughter is not much of a dancer, but she loved the photographer and snacks.  We had a lot of fun,” Kirk Henry, History teacher, who attended the dance last year with his daughter.