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A Built in Best Friend for 18 Years

After walking through the doors to school together for 13 years, twins prepare for their next step of education… together or apart. Some twins plan to stay together for college, but others are looking forward to being independent. Park Hill South has five different sets of twins in the senior class, and each group of siblings has a slightly different outlook and plan for the years to come.
Twins such as John and Josh Morris, identical twins, plan on staying together going to their dream college of Baylor. Other twins have different plans. Lisa and Jenny Thurlow, plan on going to different colleges.
Jenny will be attending Truman State, while Lisa will be attending Missouri State in the fall. Kaylee and Nicole Lauritsen plan on going to different schools as well. The twins decided that these changes would be good for them, and their futures. Each sister had a different plan for the years to come, but they have made plans on how to keep relationship strong.
“I believe that the distance will help to strengthen our relationship because we will now appreciate our bond and we will want to talk more now that we are not in constant contact,” said Kaylee.
The twins did admit that it will be scary not having their lifelong best friend by their side. The girl twins guilty admitted that a hard part about being separated would be they now have half the clothing options.
While the girls were concerned about the smaller closet, the boys, such as Cole Fenner said, “It will be hard being apart because we talk to each other about everything.”
Whether twins have different or the same plans for the fall, many siblings gave similar answers about the best part of being a twin.
Nicole put it best when describing her twin sister as saying, “It is like having a built in best friend.”
Twins such as Cole and Caleb Fenner, seniors, are unsure of what lies ahead next year for their relationship. Caleb has decided to go to the University of Missouri next year, but Cole is still undecided. Cole has not ruled out the University of Missouri, but there are still many options left.
Cole said that his plans for college are still undecided but most likely will be separated from Caleb.
“It’s been really nice throughout high school because we are always doing the same thing, so homework help is easy to find, but it can be annoying at times because we are always right together,” said Cole.
Just like almost all the senior twins, Caleb commented on the distance between them next year at college.
“It will make us appreciate our relationship and grow closer,” he said.
From 18 years together, to living alone without your brother or sister by your side is a huge step for these twins to overcome next year. Although it a big step in life for these siblings, some of these twins expressed that it is hard to be their own person with someone who you they constantly being associated with.
Kalie Jones, senior and twin to Connor Jones, senior, described a twin relationship best when she said, “As much as he makes me mad, he makes me laugh and the person I am today.”
At the end of the day, through all of the fights and the love, these Senior twins are ready for the next step in their lives as they take on college together or apart.