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Yard House, The Place to Eat

Yard House might not be in your backyard but it is worth the drive. It is located out in Legends which is only a 20 minute drive and pretty easy but most Parkville residents aren’t use to it. It is a bar and grill kind of restaurant known for its many TVs and wide variety of homemade beer. Obviously I don’t go for the beer, I go for the mouth-watering menu filled with choices for everyone.
The down side to this such a great restaurant is that everyone loves it so it is always busy. Many times there is a long wait but there is a bar benches for those with a long waiting time. The hostesses are very nice about it and try to get you in as soon as possible and when you do sit down you are greeted with a welcoming waiter. I’ve seen the same workers for many years so that shows the restaurant and workers are doing it right.
Another special feature to Yard House is you can see the kitchen and the cooks making your food. I like to watch the food being made while I wait for my table. It helps you know the food you are eating is nice and clean.The best thing to order on the menu is the onion ring tower. Each ring is delightfully crispy and warm and easy to eat. It is the perfect snack for the table before you main meal comes. For your entree I recommend getting the chicken with mashed potatoes and to finish the night with a brownie sundae. You will be more than impressed!
All the servings aren’t too big but will definitely fill you up. Yard House is not the cheapest place to eat for us teens so go on a nice occasion or try to get your parents to take you. You can go looking cute or not so cute, as the restaurant is open minding and you can make it for any occasion. They are open for lunch all the way through late dinner. At anytime you will have a great time with great food. I would rate this restaurant a four and a half star!