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The Year the Leaves Turned Blue in KC

The Brooms were brought and towels flew everywhere on October 15 at Kauffman Stadium when the Kansas City Royals took on the Baltimore Orioles hoping to sweep the series and clinch the title of ALCS Champions.

The atmosphere was crazy and energized, said Chandler Hedrick, sophomore, who attended the game.

The stands shook to the chant of, “LET’S GO ROYALS.” Fans could practically feel the beat inside their body as the cheer went on.

As Andrew Dale, communication arts, said, “The atmosphere was electric; there was no way the Royals could lose…and everyone knew it was over from the start.”

Not only were the Royals making history in their winning streak since their Wild Card game win over the Oakland A’s, but this was the team’s first appearance in post-season since 1985. It had been a long 29 years and the Royals were hungry for a win.

The fourth game of the ALCS series started with an easy two runs for the Royals. Within the first inning, the Royals held the Orioles to no runs.

After the Royals went up 2-0 in the first inning, Carter Hedrick, senior, said “I had a relaxed feeling come over me, yet I was still very pumped up because of the high energy the crowd brought.”

Everywhere in the sold-out Kauffman stadium of 37,903 seats Royal Blue and white towels waved and people were jumping around. The scarce orange Orioles shirts in the stands began to look very worried.

The score remained at 2-0, until the third inning when Orioles player, Adam Jones, scored a seemingly easy home run to put his team on the board, and closing the Royals lead to just a single run. Several innings went by and the score remained 2-1. All the fans were on the edge of their seat, knowing that either team could change the game with a single hit.

“I was sitting on the edge of my seat clinching my towel for the rest of the game,” said Carter, after the home run was hit in the third inning.

The game ended in the top of the ninth inning with a final score of 2-1. After 29 long years of disappointing Kansas City baseball, the Royals swept the ALCS Championship and were headed to the World Series!

The spirit continued even outside the stadium as the chant, “LET’S GO ROYALS!” was heard all the way until the highway.

After the first two games in the World Series at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City, the Royals are tied with the Giants 1-1.

“You’ be a fool to pick against them (Royals), they have some force on their side that can’t even be explained,” said Dale in response to his feelings on the Royals in the World Series.

Fans not only in Kansas City, but baseball fans everywhere in the country will be anxiously watching as the Royals try to reclaim a World Series title that is 28 years overdue.