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The District Stadium

The Park Hill District has one football field stationed on Park Hill High School grounds, which both high schools must use. Students at Park Hill are able to use the stadium every day easily, while students at south must travel to reach the stadium. Park Hill South should have a Football Stadium on school grounds.

South should have it’s own stadium this would improve the football team and school spirit. The team along with the rage cage must travel for games, when at a different school it feels as if you don’t belong there. This is because we don’t practice there and we don’t know the school very well. South should get a chance to have Parkhill on our home turf.

South also needs a field on school grounds for the Marching Band. The band is forced to practice on the parking lot, which because there are often cars parked in it, is very inconvenient. The band suffers as a whole because the only on field practice they get is on Tuesday nights. Other schools have the opportunity to practice everyday and that kind of preparedness shows up on the field.

Finally, South should have its own field because of travel expenses. Both the Marching Band and the Football team must travel to the field for practice and games. The cost of renting trucks to transport equipment and instruments adds up. In the long run it may be more cost effective to build a field.

As a result of lacking a quality football field our school suffers, the students deserve better. Email the school board and politely asking for a stadium, and hopefully someday South students will be able to feel right at home when cheering for their football team.