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Sports Superstitions

Superstitions are not just around Halloween, like if a black cat crosses your path or if you break a mirror you have seven years of bad luck.  Did you know that people that play sports have superstitions too?


When you’re playing a game and you win sometimes you re-wear the same socks or bow to see if you’ll win again.


“I wear the same bow every game because I didn’t wear it a few times and we lost.” Madison Lutgen, sophomore.


A lot of cross country people wear the same socks or sports bra if they got a good time in one if their meets.


“Some girls wear the same socks, sports bra, listen to the same song or eat the same thing before they run.” Pamela Jurgensmeyer, language arts.


Gymnastics is totally different from softball and cross country.


“I don’t like to use new grips or wristbands unless they’re broken.” said Cassidy Laudie, sophomore.


Some people wash their sports bras and socks while others don’t.


“I wear the same socks but I wash them after, because one time i didn’t wear the same socks and I got a bad time,” said Andrew Reece, sophomore.


Since the Royals are in the World Series some students at South have some superstition.


“My dad has to be home from work before the game starts because he thinks the Royals are going to lose if he’s not,” said freshman Lucie Garrett.


Now that you know some people’s sports superstitions at South, do you have any of your own?