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Food in Classes

Some teachers are open to letting kids eat snacks during class time, however most teachers enforce the no food policy in their classrooms.

The teachers who don’t allow kids to eat in their rooms are unfair. Kids should be allowed to eat during class time because it helps keep their energy up and not get so tired during class, and therefore will help keep them awake and ready for learning.

I understand that sometimes teachers don’t want the food to be distracting, but maybe there should be a rule that if you have a certain card status, you are allowed to eat a snack.

For the teachers that think that food is messy, they could just have the people clean up after themselves or else tell them they aren’t allowed to eat during class time.

At least kids should be allowed to eat during first block because some kids don’t have time in the mornings to eat breakfast. Nutritionists say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so if people aren’t allowed to eat in the mornings after they missed breakfast, then how are they supposed to keep their energy up for the rest of the day?

Something else that involves food that seems ridiculous to me is the rule that people aren’t allowed to take food out of the cafeteria/commons area. Please explain why food isn’t allowed to be taken outside of the cafeteria, because it just doesn’t make sense. There is a lady that will literally make you throw away your food if you walk past the front desk, even if it’s a bag of crackers that hasn’t been opened. I think their logic is that we will make a mess or sell the food, but some kids just want to save their snacks for later.

Letting kids to eat during classes would be an easy change to make, and it wouldn’t hurt anyone in the school to allow food through a few more doors.