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BMS Deserves Another Shot

College football is back for Blue Mountain State… but it has been cancelled due to lack of views and entertainment. This series has three seasons and was about to air the fourth until spike shut that idea down. Thankfully, Netflix changed there mind and still has this hilarious t.v. show on their site.

The first episode is about how three college freshman have to manage their time between school, football, girls, and hazing. Blue Mountain State is a football powerhouse known for very good recruits, so it is up to these freshman to fulfill that role.

This series is the perfect show for people who know about the college life or want to know. It is also for people who like sports and the struggle they bring to athletes.

The lead roles are played by Alan Ritchson, a buff team captain that is the leader of the hazing and football team, Darin Brooks, a rookie backup QB who is living the perfect life until he is named starter, and Chris Romano, the mascot who is Alex Morans “Darin Brooks” best friend.

I give this show a rating of 8/10. This show had me in tears the first time I watched. If you have seen American Pie, this show relates to that. The only reason I wouldn’t give this a 10/10, is that some parts are corny. The actors go over the top sometimes on trying to be funny.

Overall this is a quality show that should not be even close to being cancelled on Netflix. This show can bring enjoyment into your day and make you laugh so hard you want to watch every episode right then and there.